Events @ SITM

SITM is abuzz with activities and events throughout the year. Apart from academics, importance is given on all round development of the students by encouraging them to get actively involved in various extra curricular activities.

Every task is assigned to a specialized committee, which is handled professionally and is executed effectively with great zeal. The students of SITM have time and again proved their worth by successfully organizing events of National level.

International Telecom Seminar

Communiqué 16 - International Telecom Seminar is scheduled on 17th - 18th September 2016. It focuses on latest trends bringing together thought leaders and visionaries from across industry verticals for sharing and enhancing knowledge to shape the future of Communications.

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Conexion 2016

Conexion’16 which is an endowment of Conexion’15 hosts the theme, “Reshaping Talent Management: Role of HR in Business Transformation”. This takes discussions and deliberations from “Talent Analysis through Technology” to the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve paradigm shift in the performance of people through Transformation.

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Alumni Meet

Every year SITM organizes the Alumni Meet to bring the SITM fraternity closer. SITM organizes the meet on an annual basis so as to keep the alumni connected to the institute.

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Idea was born since the beginning of humankind. One idea has changed lives of many. From Stone Age to digital age, from discovery of America to liberation of India, from Newton's apple to Steve Job's Apple, from pigeon post to emailing, everything changed just with the spark of an idea.

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SITM's Plan to Act, Reach, Support and Heal A lot of perseverance is required to be a successful manager. But what is even tougher is to be a worthy pillar of society.

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Students can enter the competition in the form of teams (The team should have a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 4 participants).

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Aarambh is a cultural gala event where young minds take a break from their busy academic schedule to come together and showcase their talent and skills...

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