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Research Papers


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Prof. Abhijit Chirputkar Director

Finance, Valuation, Derivatives, Audit and Assurance, Risk Management

Audit and Assurance, Risk Management

Number of papers 32


Dr. Giri Hallur Deputy Director

Telecom Policy, Telecom Regulations, ICT Governance, Convergence of Technologies, Revenue Assurance - Telecom perspective, Mobile Banking, Cloud Technology

Telecom Regulations and Policy

Number of papers 25


Dr. Pramod Damle Professor

Cyber Security, Systems Audit, Business Continuity# Executive Coaching

Content Analysis of Telecom Tariff Orders of TRAI, Coaching Needs for Middle-aged Executives

Number of papers 41


Dr. Sujata Joshi Professor

Customer Experience, Customer Engagement, Application of Technology in Marketing, Branding, Strategy, Business Analytics, Social Media, Digital Marketing and Consumer Behaviour

Application of Technology in Marketing, Consumer Behaviour

Number of papers 40


Dr. Sandeep Prabhu Associate professor

Service Quality

Customer Experience Management

Number of papers 17


Prof. Prasanna Kulkarni Associate professor

Impact of IFRS on Indian industries/Sectors, Companies, and Financial Markets, Business Modelling for 5G Networks, Business Modelling for Security Services

IFRS, Recent Trends in Management Accounting

Number of papers 12


Prof. Avinash Aslekar Associate Professor

Management, Networking

Information systems/Sciences Analytics, IT

Number of papers 4


Prof . Madhavi Damle Assistant Professor

Digital Convergence & e-Business and Macro Development with GDP Growth, Current Trends in Knowledge Management and Innovation Information Digital transformation, Technology, Strategic Management & Financial Management.

Knowledge Management and Innovation, Business Transformation

Number of papers 13


Dr.Tripti Dhote Assistant Professor

Consumer behaviour

Product Management

Brand Management

Integrated Marketing Communication

Digital and Social media

Experience Branding ,Purposive Branding,Social media & Brand Storytelling ,Case Study: Dealing with Behavioural Change

Number of papers 14


Dr.Saikat Gochhait Assistant Professor

Cloud Computing , Entreprenuership and Marketing

Arab Women Entreprenuership ,Artificial Intelligence,International Trade

Number of paers 34


Dr. Pankaj Pathak, Assistant Professor

Decision Models, Speech Recognition, Smart Technologies

Industry 5.0, Smart Technologies,

Number of papers 15


Prof .Samaya Pillai Iyengar , Assistant Professor

IOT, Framework, Architecture,Healthcare,Databases


Number of papers - 14

Total Publications


Journal Papers Published

Symbiosis Institute of Digital & Telecom Management, Pune

  • Aslekar Avinash, Apeksha Thombre (01/2010) Mobile Number Portability :The Mystery yet to be uncovered. Telecom Business Review, 1(3) : 32-38 (ProQuest; ISSN: 0973-9114).
  • Chirputkar Abhijit, Uday kulkarni (02/2010) Comparative Cashflow Statement Analysis. Telecom Business Review, 3: 51-57 ( ISSN: 0973-9114).

Book Chapters Published

Symbiosis Institute of Digital & Telecom Management, Pune

  • Chirputkar Abhijit, Giri Hallur, Saurabh Agarwal, Vikram Singh (03/2010) Mobile banking and M-Commerce and related issues. In: Mobile Application for Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development, TRAI & World Bank , pp: 342-353
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