PSOs & POs

Program Educational Outcomes (PEO)
  1. Practise the profession in Digital Technology Management by demonstrating their techno-managerial expertise and experience and in working with organizations or with entrepreneurial initiatives.
  2. Remain at the forefront of Digital Technology Management by demonstrating their leadership within their organization and society at national and international levels. 
  3. Uphold professionalism and engage in life-long learning. 

Program Specific Outcomes ( PSOs)
  1. The ability to employ digital technologies, methods & tools of business analytics and research methods to develop innovative solutions.
  2. The ability to design, implement and manage digital technologies-based solutions for complex real-life business problems.
  3. The ability to communicate effectively and apply team building skills to improve their competencies in multi-disciplinary settings.

Program Outcomes ( POs)

PO 1

Management Knowledge 

Acquire and apply telecom technology, economics, finance, statistics, marketing fundamentals to solve complex ICT business problems 

PO 2

Problem Analysis 

Identify, formulate, conduct literature search and analyze complex ICT business problems 

PO 3

Design/Development of Solutions 

Design innovative solutions for complex business problems that meet specified needs of ICT industry 

PO 4


Utilize research-based knowledge and research methods to investigate ICT business problems 

PO 5

Modern Tool Usage 

Select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern computational tools to solve ICT business problems with an understanding of the assumptions and limitations 

PO 6


Demonstrate professional ethical principles, responsibilities and commit to norms of ethical management practice 

PO 7

Individual and Collaboration 

Work effectively as an individual, a team member or a leader in diverse and multi-disciplinary settings 

PO 8


Communicate effectively on ICT business activities and give clear presentation to all stakeholders 

PO 9

Managerial Effectiveness 

Demonstrate ability to manage projects in multidisciplinary environments using management principles as a team member/leader to satisfy stakeholders requirements 

PO 10 

Life Long Learning 

Recognize the need for, and have ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the context of ever changing technology 

Caution Notice