PRAYUKTI – an SITM Student Journal, started in the year 2016, is an initiative by the institute to enable and motivate the students to do research in wide areas of the ICT domain. The magazine gained its name from the Hindi word “Prayukti”, which means motivation, application, or result that itself indicates the specific aim that it has been designed for. Simple and interesting articles are written on specific subjects chosen by the student out of their own interests. Students provide a commercial aspect to the upcoming technology, challenges associated with them and the opportunities they bring about to the ICT industry as a whole by choosing topics within wide areas of interests such as Data Security and Privacy, Next Gen Communications, Open Digital Ecosystem, Synergy in businesses, Green Telecom and many more. This initiative also brings along a competitive spirit by encouraging students to write and in choosing the best of papers to display. Such a platform also provides students with the unique opportunity of contributing to the body of knowledge in their field of expertise.



  • Data Security and Privacy
  • Disruptive Innovations in Telecom
  • Next Generation Mobile Communication
  • Open Digital Ecosystem – IoT, Cloud, OTT, E-Commerce, SDN, Li-Fi, etc.
  • Heterogeneous Networks and Small Cells
  • Synergy driving Business Consolidation
  • Impact of Regulation and Policy on Telecom
  • Mobile Payments and VAS
  • Upgradation in Telecom/Network Infrastructure (Wireless/Wireline)
  • Green communications and energy efficiency

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