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Guest Lecture by Mr. Amit Gupta
GREENOVATION - Innovations in Telecom for a Greener Environment

"GREENOVATION- Innovations in Telecom for a Greener Environment" was a thought-provoking panel discussion, which revolved around the constraints in telecom technologies and some of the viable solutions for a greener environment. The discussion started with a simple question of “What is Green?” after which the panelists elaborated further on it, yielding the fact that the total carbon dioxide emission globally is about 40 Gigatons and is expected to increase up to 52 Gigatons till 2020, a prime concern for our planet.
Renewable energy technologies like hydrogen and methanol fuel cells, solar and wind energy have contributed to a minor decline in the carbon footprint but these sources are not commercially viable as telecom industry lacks proper infrastructure and aptly trained people for these technologies.
Policies and regulations play a vital role in these kind of innovations to step-up. The Government of India has issued a notice to all telecom operators to make all towers in India hybrid by 2020. Energy Efficient Solutions like consolidation of devices for less power consumption which actually means consolidation of all microwave components in one box and all antenna components in another could well be a game changer. The use of single RAN technology and self-defined networks are going to be the future of telecom industry.

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Mr. Amit Shrivastava



Mr. Anil Wathare

Chief Technology Officer-Maharashtra & Goa


Mr. Ashutosh Gaiha

Head Infrastructure Planning and Designing


Mr. Kundan Das

Director APAC, Business Development


Mr. Mitrabh Shukla

Head- IP Planning and Optimization


Alumnus Mr.Priyank Chandra quoting the importance of summer internship.

Speaker: Mr. Priyank Chandra,Senior Strategy Consultant, IBM Global Business Services After a trail blazing two months of summer internship, the students were treated by a mesmerising Lavale weather, but were also reminded of what lies ahead – the Placements Season. The batch was provided with added motivation as Mr. Priyank Chandra of IBM interacted with them on 19th June, 2015. A proud alumnus, Mr. Priyank talked about the positive changes that he had observed in the batch after working in the industry. He revisited the checklist he had shared with the batch before the summer internship period, and reviewed the strengths and weaknesses of many students. An energetic mentor that he is, Mr. Priyank humorously pointed out some areas of improvements for the students as he talked about project reports and INTERVIEWS. He also stressed on the importance of reading and sharing of information and ideas within the batch, and staying up to date with the latest happenings in the Telecom sector.

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