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: Avinash Aslekar


: Academic Experience: 25 years MBA level teaching


:  B.com. M.C.M, M.M.M. UGC NET pursuing PhD  in Management


: Academic Experience: 25 years MBA level teaching

Areas of Interest

: Business Analytics,Business Intelligence, Networking, Network Security, IT, Telecom, ,Software Development

Publications / Presentations
in Conferences /Journals

  • Madhavi Damle,Avinash Aslekar,Yadvalli Sunil  (4/2016) , Comparative Study of Online Shopping Experience With Specific Reference to Mobile Apps Based Shopping , International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research 7(4):1238-1246 (ISSN :2229-5518)
  • Aslekar Avinash,Damle Pramod  (2/2015) Improving Efficiency of Data Centres in India: A Review Indian Journal of Science and Technology  8(4):44-49(SCOPUS;ISSN :0974-5645)
  • Avinash Aslekar, Apeksha Thombre (1/2010), "Mobile Number Portability :The Mystery yet to be uncovered", Telecom Business Review,2(3):32-38(  Proquest;ISSN : 0973 9114).
  • Dr. Pramod Damle, Prof. Avinash Aslekar (2012) ,"Transplanting Patanjali's Yog Aphorism: From Individual to Institution" Indian Institte of Management Ranchi
  • Avinash Aslekar (1/2007 ),"Scope for new sectors (Creative arts Animations CBT)" Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies Journal 'Chanakya 


 Conference Proceedings

  • Mr Avinash Aslekar (2/2015),ICT in Development of Rural india :challanges and way ahead ,BVCON 15 by IMRDA ,6(6):29-33 (ISBN: 978-81-906-732)
  • Mr Avinash Aslekar,,Dr. B.R. Londhe (12/2014)  Building Smart Cities Challanges and Oppurtinities :Indian Prospects,International Research Conference on Transformational Leadership, conducted by SIMS Pune on 13th and 14th Dec 2014 

Membership/ Affiliation

  • Member of Board of Studies SIU
  • Member of Telemanagement Forum
  • Former Member of Academic Council SIU
  • Former Member- Board Of Examinations SIU
  • Cisco certified trainer 

Workshops And Programs

  • Convener of International Telecom Seminar "Communiqué"  at SITM
  • Organized Asian Telecom Seminar at SITM In 2009 and 2010.
  • Organizer of National Telecom Seminar at SITM from 2004 to 2008.
  • Conducted workshops for Senior officials of STU's  at  CIRT Pune
  • Conducted workshops for Senior officials of STU's  at  CIRT Pune
  • Conducted training on DTH for Amdocs Senior Executives 


Consulting Assignments

  • Consulting Assignments Worked on project by CIRT ( Central Institute of Road Transport) a central Government Institution for PMPML ( Municipal Transport ) for networking and automation.
  • Working on Project on DMR based Communication Solution for Gujrat State Government
  • Interested in consulting assignments in own areas of interest

Phone No.

: +91-20-3911-6175 (Direct)

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