Fees Details

Fees Details

Sr. No.


Fee (Rs.)


First Instalment

First semester fees

Rs. 87,500

Refundable deposit

Rs. 10,000

Total (to be paid at the time of admission)

Rs. 97,500


Second Instalment

Second semester fees

Rs. 87,500

Total (to be paid by 31st December 2017)

Rs. 87,500


Third Instalment

Third semester fees

Rs. 87,500

Total (to be paid by 30 Jun 2018)

Rs. 87,500


Fourth Instalment

Fourth semester fees

Rs. 87,500

Total (to be paid by 31st December 2018)

Rs. 87,500


  • 1.The above amount includes examination fee and convocation fees.

  • 2.The fees will be accepted only on Demand Draft. The DD should be drawn in favor of 'Director, Symbiosis Institute Of Telecom Management' payable at Pune. Please ensure that the particulars of candidate are mentioned on the reverse of the DD.



If admission is cancelled before commencement of the academic programme.

Deduct Rs. 1,000/- and refund the balance fees paid by the student.


If the admission is cancelled after joining the programme and if the seat consequently falling vacant has been filled by another candidate by the last date of admission (i.e. one month from the date commencement of the programme).

i) Deposit 

ii) Tuition

To be refundable 100%

a) If paid annual deduct 1/12th of the fees paid & refund the balance amount.

b) If the fees are paid 1st Term only, 1/6th of the fees paid & refund the balance amount.



If the admission is cancelled by the students after 30 days of the commencement of the programme.


c) No refund of Fees.

Refund of Fees to students in case of non-fulfilment of eligibility criteria:

  • 10% of the fees (excluding deposit) will be deducted as administrative charges.
  • Proportionate/pro rata amount will be deducted from fees for period from admission till the cancellation of admission.
  • After deducting the above amount, remaining amount will be refunded to the students.
  • Delay in payment of semester fees is liable to penalty of Rs 100/- per day from expiry of due date till the date of payment.

Note: Any dispute will be settled by arbitration, subject to the jurisdiction of Pune.

Caution Notice