Executive Coaching

How SITM extends Executive Coaching to its Alumni

1. Initial steps
The initial steps before actual start of EC are: (a) Get two documents (i) a small 1-page write-up that is an approach paper on EC and (ii) the FAQ, by writing an email to consulting@sitm.ac.in, (b) Go through these two documents and confirm your interest in EC, (c) Accordingly write an email to Prof. Damle (email address as earlier) who will take you through next steps including filling up and signing an engagement letter, (d) Pay the requisite fees to SITM and then (e) Fill up of two templates, one on primary data and another on strength-n-weakness and send it across to Prof. Damle who will revert in about a week and the EC Process begins.

2. Actual EC Assignment
After having completed the initial steps including the documentation formalities and payment of fees, EC will begin with scheduling of the five sessions. Session 1 will be essentially a face-to-face, in-person meeting at SITM for about three-to-four hours for baselining and drawing up the action plan; Session 2, 3 and 4 will be by way of video-calling for about an hour or so, spread over two calendar months to discuss the progress made, problems faced and amendments needed in the action plan. Finally, Session 5 will be again a face-to-face, in-person, concluding meeting at SITM that will help note the targeted accomplishments, mark incomplete tasks to be taken forward and further course of action to be firmed up. Besides, there will be several phone calls and emails to ensure a thread of continuity throughout the span of three months.

3. No interference with the career of the Client/ Coachee
No way! EC is not a stumbling block; It is rather an enabler. The very purpose of EC is to optimize the potential of the client as an individual and also as a professional with a view to help him/ her push the envelope. Each man has some blind spots – as revealed in the tale where Newton dug two holes in the door for his two cats – and EC turns the spotlight sharply on such proverbial blind spots. Inasmuch as it streamlines the thoughts and focuses the coachee’s actions toward his/ her goals, it cannot adversely impact the client’s career/ life. It however needs to be stated that during the moderate span when coaching is in-progress, the time devotion to EC process will certainly add a marginal work pressure, since the coachee needs to carve out some time every week to think and act as per guidelines. This short-term pressure would, in the longer run, pay rich dividends once s/he gets on the continuum of self-learning.

4. Different Elements of EC
The standardized EC service to SITM alumni will consist of two main elements, viz. the substance and the style. The substance will include some/ all of following: baselining of the client career as to where s/he stands in terms of his/ her personal and professional achievements so far, plotting a clear statement of strengths and weaknesses, analysing the causal factors and their etiological weights, goal setting for the near/ foreseeable future, rehearsing the exercises to hone the desired skills, chalking out the action points to ameliorate, gauging the development and dynamic tweaking of the action plan. Coming to the style, various methods are employed like counselling, conceptual inputs, sounding board, systems thinking, hard disputing etc. using a rich toolset of force-field analyses, Mind-maps, E-E grid, Jo-Hari, Parato’s rule, Fish-bone, RACI, et al.

5. Financials
An exquisite service targeted toward senior executives, EC commands premium rates in the market. However, keeping in view the special relationship with its alumni, SITM offers the said standardized EC package for a flat fee of Rs. 50,000/- plus the govt. levied taxes. A coachee/ client needs to visit SITM twice – i.e. for the first and the last session – to meet Prof. Damle, the coach. Sessions 2, 3 and 4 won’t involve any cost except the video-calling. Expenses of travel, food and stay will be on client’s account. This offer will remain open for the current financial year 2017-18.

6. Road Ahead
Ensure that you go through all the FAQ here, especially those explaining nature, duration, financials etc. If you still need any details, feel free to write an email to consulting@sitm.ac.in with a well-spelt query to seek clarification. If you are fully satisfied, you may follow the FAQ on the initial steps.

Caution Notice