Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching: Are you game for it? – Dr. Pramod Damle

Here are a few indicative, not exhaustive, signals that point to a need of Executive Coaching (EC). As you run through it, try to make a sincere introspection in finding out its applicability for yourself.

Is EC a right fit for me? Yes, if you have any of the following feelings, or similar ones

  • All is well in general, but somehow these days I feel like I am stuck and stagnated
  • I get angry over paltry issues frequently and it takes quite some time for me to cool down
  • In spite of putting my head, heart and hand, I have a dim feeling of uncertainty of future
  • I aspire to move u p & ahead in my life & career; But can’t figure out what to do for that

It was indeed a great mentoring from you and I personally gained a lot. With regards to the books I am still on it, haven't finished reading it yet though, but will do. I am pursuing the MIT/Columbia course which is keeping me quite busy along with my work.

– Country Head of a Telecom Giant in Dubai

Why even senior/ top executives need executive coaching

  • It’s so lonely; a CXO can’t freely discuss on business matters with colleagues/ consultants
  • Even Top Brass need to learn something new ... the topic of learning may be ‘how to learn’
  • The coach-coachee relationship tends to open new doors; which are missed with a blind eye
  • Coaching prompts top executives to think ... think differently, with coach as a sounding board

When my Technology-Head tried to go over my shoulders, it was a tough challenge. Dr. Damle took stock of situation, helped me collect the moral courage, draw up an elaborate short-term plan, prepare accordingly and finally get rid of that person without impacting growth of my organization

– MD of an electronics mfg. unit

How would Executive Coaching help you:

  • It facilitates to come up with solutions to some of the hard problems
  • It gives an impartial and constructive comments for progress
  • It helps to attain substantial results
  • It takes you to an altogether new level of wellbeing

I climbed the corporate ladder quickly crossing two steps to become VP, but missed out on family front. It was Prof. Damle who pointed that out clearly and convinced me that my work-life balance had gone for a toss. He went ahead to help me restore it, too, without compromising my career!

– VP of a large industry in Pune

Before you make up your mind, ascertain your

  • Willingness to invest not just cost, but time & efforts, too
  • Persistence and patience to practice the suggested tools and techniques
  • Lame excuses are not going to crop up to cripple your development
  • Preparedness to learn from first principles, hands-on ... occasionally in a hard way

Caution Notice