Communique: An "Idea": brought by communicating in a unique manner.

Communique is a never-before platform to discuss, explore and envisage current and burning issues facing the global ICT industry. It focuses on latest trends bringing together thought leaders and visionaries from across industry verticals for sharing and enhancing knowledge to shape the future of Communications. Communiqué, today, is a well- known brand in the telecom fraternity and industry at large.

With a history of 17 telecom seminars, and after the grand success of three International Telecom Seminars we take immense pride in presenting to you:

Communique 15 shall try to exhaustively incorporate Telecom Metamorphosis and delineate how Telecom has altered its definition for the evolving ICT industry. It shall focus on what the future would be like and how Telcos should transform their business models to gain manifold in that future. The theme for Communique 15:

Evolving Connectivity: Unfolding Opportunities in the Digital World
The Indian Telecom sector is now entering into a world of new technologies with data and broadband wave aspiring to new heights. Great opportunities lie ahead with the advent of digital innovations and business models with players extending their roots in every layer of the ecosystem. Evolving Connectivity aims to explore how digital communication platforms have advanced for us to this era of delivering a seamless online experience with totally synced business & technology. This creates an increasing need for us, as budding techno-managers, to know how the industry is trying to deal with these changing scenarios without affecting their customers adversely.

All the panel discussion topics for this year shall focus on how the communications industry has transformed itself to the changing business and technological era. This year we shall be focusing on trends like Mobile Financial Services, Smart City Sustainability, Big Data Monetization and Revolutionizing digital thereby shifting the paradigm in the Connected Word.

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