Summer Projects

Summer Projects of Batch 2014-16

Aircel Limited

  • Customer Retention and Usage Analysis
  • Data Usage and Retention Program
  • Competition Benchmarking on Acquisition-Customers and Retailers
  • Brand Perception Mapping-Aircel and Competition

Airtel Business

  • Customer Satisfaction, Revenue Enhancement and Cost Saving
  • New Activations and Segmentation Corrections
  • Customer Specific Network Utilization-To Enhance Service Delivery Experience
  • Accelerate transition of voice services worth INR 500 Mn to Airtel

Biz Technologies

  • Emerging Trends in E-Commerce & M-Commerce
  • Revolutionizing Marketing Trends in E-Commercemplication for Telecom industry
  • Online Product Marketing and product development for Biz Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Research on new On-page Search Engine Optimization technique

Clay Telecom

  • Brand Preference and Competitive Analysis of Clay Telecom SIM Card in International Telecom Services
  • Study the sales flow process and propose a digital marketing strategy
  • Business Development, Market Research & Framing Strategies for Mobile Virtual Network Operator
  • Market Research and Lead Generation strategies for business expansion
  • Customer satisfaction and customer retention leads to customer loyalty

Ernst and Young LLP

  • Machine to Machine Risks and Solutions-Risk Control Matrix (RCM)
  • Security Operations Centre (SOC)-Advisory to setup a SOC for a Telco and approach to run a PMO for implementation
  • Security in 4G Network: Interfaces and Network Nodes
  • Minimum Baseline Security for Telecom Networks in line with DoT amendments
  • Telecom Regulations and Impacts on IT systems
  • Risks in the integration of telecom and IT infrastructure for establishing a Smart City
  • Minimum Baseline Security required for Services: IPTV & M-Banking
  • Study on Cost-sharing of Telecommunications Infrastructure Based on
  • Co-operative Game Theory using Shapley Algorithm
  • eMBMS: LTE Broadcast
  • Business Process Migration using ARIS for Idea Cellular Ltd.
  • Asset Management Audit for Indus Towers

Esec Security

  • Design and conceptualization of company website

Consultant Pvt. Ltd

Happiest Minds Technologies

  • Network Function Virtualization-Market Analysis and Offering Portfolio
  • Wearable Technology-Market analysis & offering portfolio

Helical IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Digital Marketing & Go-To-Market Strategy for Helical Dashboard Insight (HDI)


  • Digital Marketing and its effect on global E-Commerce industry

Indus Tower

  • Increasing Accuracy of Data Collection through Android Application and Survey on Relocated and Retained Sites
  • Analysis of New Built Site Acquisition Process and Recommending ways to Improve Productivity
  • Analysis of New Built Site Acquisition Process and Recommending ways to Improve Productivity
  • Hold and Locked Sites-Material Retrieval
  • Estimation of Should be energy cost for operation of mobile towers
  • Scope of Energy Cost Optimization
  • Invoice Processing and Payments: On-Time Payments from Work Completion DateAnalysis of New Built Site Acquisition Process and Recommending ways to Improve Productivity
  • Alarm Analysis to ascertain the Health of the Site In Order To Mitigate the Risk of Fire
  • Energy Through IMAPy
  • FCU Alarm Compliance
  • Automation of Weekly-Reports
  • Analysis of various functional domains for revenue assurance through study of solutions offered & identifying potential growth options for sustainable business development
  • Billing Transformation Project
  • IME capability assessment-Strengths and Gap Analysis post IME implementation.
  • Warehouse Process Improvements
  • Effectiveness of Rental Negotiation and Site Acquisition Process
  • Space optimization for institutional sites
  • Billing Transformation Project
  • Effectiveness of rental negotiation and site acquisition process
  • Impact on the Business of various Service Providers who are affiliated to Indus Locations (Towers)-A Statistical Analysis
  • Promoting Positive Safety Culture
  • Rent Master Reconciliation-ERP System/Revenue Assurance Desk
  • Rental Processing Control
  • IME Check & Audit


  • Opportunity Assessment Analysis for Japanese Client.


  • Analysis of Fraud Risks for OTT Players
  • Mobile Money - Benefits and Challenges of Integration with Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana


  • Mobile and Social VAS-Avenues for triggering growth opportunities and Analytics
  • Development of Business Intelligence Platform for Smart Campaign

Ogilvy and Mather

  • Increase Google Rankings of Clients through Search Engine Optimization
  • Devise Mobile Marketing Strategies for B2B & B2C Clients
  • Strategizing mobile marketing across brands at Ogilvy
  • Executing social media campaigns & exploring display advertising possibilities across brands
  • Exploring Mobile Marketing opportunities across brands at Ogilvy

Pinnacle Teleservices Pvt. Ltd.

  • Understanding different types of Telecom VAS of Pinnacle Teleservices Pvt. Ltd.
  • B2B lead generation and client acquisition for Pinnacle Teleservices Pvt. Ltd.
  • Market Survey and Lead Generation for Telecom VAS
  • To Understand the Ecosystem in Mobile and Voice Marketing

Protinus Technologies

  • Market Penetration for Fashion-Tech Platform and Creating Business Model for Talent Partner Collaboration
  • Conceptualization of E-commerce for fashion technology platform 6Degree
  • Integrated Marketing and Product management for portfolio of 6Degree platform
  • Product Marketing and Market Expansion for 6Degree
  • Strategy formulation, Marketing and Sales for Various Offline Events

Reliance Communications

  • Service Assurance and Delivery for Enterprise Customers
  • Key Account Management for Enterprise Customers
  • Revenue Assurance for Enterprise Customers

Senapps Technologies

  • Service Assurance and Delivery for Enterprise Customers
  • Creating an indicator framework for Smart Cities based on ISO 37120:2014 standard with application to a city & specify system requirements & portal features for utilization by citizen & administration
  • Digital Marketing for Smart Buildings

Siemens Ltd

  • Billing and Procurement Process

Sopra India

  • Revenue Sharing Models in Telecom Ecosystem
  • M2M/IoT Strategy for a Telecom Operator

SRV Media Pvt. Ltd.

  • Market Research and Sales on Digital Media Platform

Tata Teleservices

  • Analysis of the Market segment of SME division for an Enterprise business of TTSL and identifying the potential segments for their products named CDN and L2 Multicast
  • Analysis of SME Market for Enterprise business of Tata Teleservices Ltd. and Identifying potential for Managed Hosting Services
  • Analysis of SME Market for Enterprise business of Tata Teleservices Ltd. and Identifying potential for Location Based Services(LBS)

Times Internet

  • Market Research and Sales on digital media platform
  • Enhancement of "Sales Pulz"
  • Market Research on Acceptance of Influencer based Loyalty Program
  • Scope of Loyalty Program in a Patient Assistance Program- Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Strategic Alliances to Cross Market FOLLO-A celeb connect application.
  • Social Media Strategy for Follo-A Celeb Connect Platform

Ultimate Digital Solutions Pvt. ltd.

  • Marketing in Information and Communication Technology (ICT Marketing)

Urs Day

  • Business development and brand building for Urs Day brands

U-Ton International

  • Forming Business Plan and Strategy for entry into Indian Market