Customer Testimonails


: Dr. Sunil Patil



: Director – Associate Professor - Telecom and Management



: BSEE, ME (India), M. A. Sc. (Canada), MSEE (USA), MBA (USA),PhD



: Industry experience: 24 years in India and USA

: Teaching Experience: 7 years post graduate teaching

Areas of Interest

: Entrepreneurship, Technology Innovations, Wireless Communications, and IT Infrastructure Management

Publications/Presentations in Conferences/journals

  • Sunil Patil, Yatin Jog, Aniruddha Maury, Rajat Arora, “Comparative Study and Analysis of various Mobile Bugs”, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Volume 4, Issue 1, January 2016

  • Vijayalakshmi Chetlapalli, K.S.S. Iyer, Sunil Patil, Himanshu Agrawal (2015), “A Product Density Approach to Estimation of Offered Load for ON-OFF Packet Traffic Models”, Second Regional Conference on Connectivity for All: Future Technologies, Markets and Regulation, ITS India Dec 13-15 , 2015.

  • K.S.S Iyer, Giri Hallur, Sunil Patil, Vijayalakshmi Chetlaplalli (2015), “Prediction of Customer Adoption of New Technology during Pre-launch Stage using Survey Based Hidden Markov Modelling”, Second Regional Conference on Connectivity for All: Future Technologies, Markets and Regulation, ITS India Dec 13-15 , 2015.

  • Vadgama Chintan, Khutwad Aditi, Damle Madhavi, Patil Sunil (12/2015) Smart Funding Options for Developing Smart Cities: A Proposal for India. Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 8(34) (Scopus, Ebsco, DOAJ, Index Copernicus, Ulrich's Web; ISSN: 0974-5645).

  • Sunil Patil, Yatin Jog, Harmanpreet Pall, Kanika Batra, “Understanding Benefits of Network Function Virtualization to Telecom Network Operators”, International Journal of Engineering & Scientific Research, Vol. No. 3, Issue 12, December 2015

  • Sunil Patil, Yatin Jog, SauravHora, Davisha Verma, “Impact on Revenue Generation for Telecom Operators for Missed Calls and OTT Applications”, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Volume 10, November 2015

  • Sunil Patil, Yatin Jog , Snehlata Pareek, Dipti Chodnekar, “ Challenges and Opportunities of Television Rating Point (TRP) and Television Audience Measurement (TAM) in India”, International Journal of Advanced Technology in Engineering and Science, Vol. No. 3, Issue 10, October 2015

  • Sunil Patil, Aditi Khutwad, Dr. T. Paranjothi, Chaitanya Pande, Prasad Rane (2015), "A Framework For Enhancing Level of Innovations in Outsourced Projects", Global Journal of Business Research. July 2015

  • Patil Sunil, Khutwad Aditi, Paranjothi T., Pande Chaitanya, Rane Prasad (06/2015) A Framework for Enhancing level of Innovation in Outsourced Projects. Global Journal for Research Analysis, 4(7) : 277-281 (WorldCat,Google Scholar,Scirus,Index Copernicus,Open J-Gate,Ulrich's Periodicals Directory,CrossRef; ISSN: 2277-8160).

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  • KSS Iyer, Vijayalakshmi Chetalpalli, Sunil Patil (2014),"A Random Point Process – An Interdisciplinary Approach",International Journal of Arts and Sciences (IJAS), Vol-7, Issue-2, ISSN:1943-6114, pp.191-193.

  • Sunil Patil, Ankur Agarwal, (2013), "Challenges in Telecom Tower Management – System Integrator's Perspective",Telecom Business Review, A Journal of SITM, Pune, India

  • Sunil Patil, Y. S. Patil, (2013), "A Review Paper on Outsourcing with a Special Reference to Telecom Operations", Procedia, SIIB, Pune, India

  • Sunil Patil, Prajakta, Kanegaonkar, (2011),"Is Indian Higher Education System on The Verge of Collapse?"International Conference on Higher Education, IIT, Delhi, India

  • Sunil Patil, Giri Hallur, (2010), "Innovative Ways for Providing Distance Learning (Cloud Computing)", International Conference on Distance Learning at SCDL, Pune, India

  • Sunil Patil, M. Shridhar, (1982), "Noise reduction in images using Kalman Filtering", International Conference in Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, Paris, France

  • Sunil Patil, Mohan Krishnan, M. Shridhar (1981), "Slope change detection of the EKG waveform", International Conference in Circuits and Systems, University of Toledo, Ohio, USA

Working Paper

  • Sunil Patil, Yatin Jog, Aditi Khutwad, Pushpendra Thenuan, “Leveraging Outsourcing by Telecom Operators for Enhancing Competitiveness”
  • Sunil Patil, Aditi Khutwad, Parvinder Singh Virdi, Kadambari , “Customer Experience and Churn Management in Online and Mobile Commerce Companies”

Membership/ Affiliation

  • IEEE Communication Society
  • SIG for Telecom in NASSCOM

Fellowships / Honours

: On Board of studies of several institutes.

Workshops And Programs

: Wireless Symposium at I2IT and created a SIG in Wireless Communication, VLSI workshop in Bell Labs, BMM Conventions in US

Consulting Assignments

: Interested in consulting assignments

Phone No.

: +91-20-3911-6171 / +91-20-3911-6190 (Direct) / +91 988 123 8481