Customer Testimonails


: Dr. Pramod Pandurang Damle


: Professor - IT Management




: 37 years spanning across IT, Management & Higher Education

Areas of Interest

: Research Methods, Info Security, Systems Audit, Software Engineering, Project Management, ICT Strategy, Counseling/ Mentoring, Cyber Laws, Business Continuity, Designing PC Games on IT/ Management Topics, Risk Management, Holistic (Psychological + Physiological) Wellbeing

Publications/  Presentations in Conferences  /Journals

: 3 Books + Articles/ Research Papers
A partial list of articulation as under:

  • 'Blame it on Software'
    Article for Computers Today – 1-15 Sept. 2000
  • 'Making Software Project A Success : User's Perspective'
    Refereed Article published in 'Ashwath' journal of Yashada 2001
  • 'Social Engineering : A Tip of Iceberg in lurking'
    Refereed article for ISACA (US) Journal – 'Control' Volume 2/2002
  • 'IT Governance – A new dimension of Corporate Governance'
    Refereed Article for Bima-Nivesh – journal of NIA, Pune – Volume of 2003
  • 'IT Security an emerging challenge for Banks'
    Refereed Article in IBA Bulletin Special Issue on Banking in 2010 – Jan, 2004
  • 'Security Fables'
    Article in the Computer Society of India's 'Adhyayan' – Sept 2008
  • 'Select Tools from Applied Psychology for Effective Project Management'
    - Nov 2010; Refereed Paper for PMI Conference 2010
  • 'Executive Coaching for Project Managers',
    a Conference Paper for PMI Conference Mumbai, 2011
  • 'Psychology behind Cyber-Security',
    a Conference Paper for National Cyber Security Conference at DIAT, Pune, 2012
  • 'Psychology For Crime Free India – A Focus On Cyber Crimes',
    a Conference Paper co-authored for Indian Psychological Science Congress, Chandigarh, 2012
  • 'Descent of Executive Coaching for the Second Rung',
    a Book Chapter co authored "Management Practices and Strategies in Dynamic Global Environment", published by Mumbai Univ. & Lancer's Books, 2013
  • "IT Security Training in Indian Banks: An X -Ray on IT Security in Indian Banks",
    a book published by Scholars' Press, 2013.Case Study on An Exemplary Evolution: Executive,
    Entrepreneur & Evangelist, published in IOSR Journal of Business and Management, 2014
  • 'The Next Generation Privacy: An Illustrative Case Of Bank Balance',
    a paper for Conference "Emerging Trends In World Economy Through Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development", at SCMS Pune, 2014
  • Improving Efficiency of Data Centres in India …. Jointly with Prof. Avinash Aslekar, in Indian Journal of Science and Technology, Vol 8(S4), 44-49, Feb 2015
  • Managing Multiple Career Transitions Sustained Over a Long Period, in Indian Journal of Science and Technology, Vol 8(S6), 61–70, Mar 2015
  • Adjustment to Hostel - Health issues encountered by a new boarder, International Journal of Research in Social Sciences (IJRSS) Vol. 5 Issue 2, May 2015 ISSN: 2249-2496 … jointly with Prof. Yatin Jog and students Parth and Smitashree, 2015
  • A Giant Leap Toward Privacy Of Customer’s Personally Identifiable Information, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER) ISSN 0973-4562, Vol. 10, Num. 10, pp. 26747-26751, indexed in SCOPUS, 2015
  • Tracing the tangential career transition: A closer look at accomplishments, Journal of Management Research, of Faculty of Management Studies, Univ of Delhi, 2015
    Tapping the Employee’s Potential for Innovation to Accelerate Business Growth, chapter in a book “Strategies for Management in Modern Era” ISBN: 978-93-85640-03-2, 2015 … jointly with Pawankumar Saini, Sr GM, HR, Praj Industries
  • Collaborative Auto Ethnographic (CAE) Study of teachers of PG management programs, International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Academy, Nov 2015 … jointly with Dr. Shubhra Anand and Prof. Yogesh Bramhankar

Membership/ Affiliation

: Computer Society of India

Fellowships / Honours

: Distinguished Fellow at Reserve Bank's IDRBT;
Member of Software Engg. Info Repository (SEIR) of Carnegie Melon Univ;
Prof & HoD at YASHADA

Workshops And Programs

: Many programs on above areas of interest for societal cross section: Auditors, Professors, Directors, Scientists, Judges, IAS/ IPS Officers

Consulting Assignments

: Past Consulting assignments in the areas of interest done for blue chips like RBI, Reliance, HPCL, IBM, SBI, New India Assurance, etc.

Phone No.

: +91-20-3911-6161